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Telecommunication and satellite antenna TV channels provision and isolated device vector media data transmission technology and radio connection signal receiver world television broadcasting

The spirit of "keeping promises and achieving missions" has gathered a group of bloody and selfless dream chasers. The company is headquartered in Shajing Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China's high-speed city, with an OEM/ODM production base of more than 10,000 square meters.
Engaged in manufacturing in 2003, began to engage in research and development of optical fiber communication products in 2012, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, and a research and development site of nearly 1,200 square meters. In August 2020, it was registered for independent operation. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of optical fiber communication network access products XPON ONU, SFP, SFP MODULE, OLT MODULE, 1*9 MODULE. In 2021, the overseas business department will be established, and overseas resident sales staff will be set up.

CeiTa Communications has accumulated rich experience in R&D and production, especially knowledge of optical communication network protocols, realized OMCI automatic protocol and all-round remote management, and can undertake software and hardware customized research and development of optical fiber communication network access products. Provide fast delivery, high-quality service, zero defect and cost-effective products, so that customers can better meet market demand.

Why Choose Us

1. Engaged in manufacturing for 25 years, with independent production factories and teams. A strong quality system makes the use more assured.

2. There are software, hardware, operation and maintenance, and other related services. We can customize difficult hardware and software services to open up a larger market for you.

3. Provide high-quality and low-price products, quality assurance for three years, and cooperation with factories is more secure.

Sales Elite
Plant Area
R&d Area


▶ 20 domestic and overseas sales clerks with a bachelor’s degree or more than 2 years of work experience.

▶ 5 people with 22 years of experience in hardware research and development with a bachelor degree or above.

▶ 4 software R&D postgraduates & undergraduates with 15 years of R&D experience.

▶ 3 people with 6 years of testing experience as an operation and maintenance customer service engineer with a college degree or above.

Corporate Services

Pre-sale Service:

1.Customized logo screen printing according to MOQ.

2.The default factory settings of the software are free.

3.Software function customization according to MOQ.

4. Customized packaging design according to MOQ.

5.Remote debugging is free.

6.Test samples are free.

7.Free barcode customization.

8.Dedicated MAC Free.

9.Free professional technical guidance.

10. Software function consultation is free.

11.Special software development according to MOQ.

12.Hardware special development according to MOQ.

13.Resident engineer for extra large projects according to MOQ.

After-Sales Service

1.7*24H provides consultation.

2. The software can be upgraded for free for life.

3.Quality assurance for 1 year.

4.10 minutes to respond to technical consultation,

5. Software BUG:
A level 2H gives upgrade firmware,
Grade B will give a solution within 1 working day, and resolve it within 3 working hours.
Class C will give a solution within 3 days and solve it within 7 days.

6. Transaction service standard staff * 4 salesman + sales manager + software engineer + operation and maintenance engineer, providing a full range of services.

7. Provide professional resident technical personnel for major engineering projects.

8. Hardware problems affect the use of unconditional returns.


Corporate Vision

 Keep promises, mission must be achieved.

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